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Anthony Reports To Parole officer

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 26, 2011

Fox News can report exclusively that Casey Anthony has reported to probation today; according to her lead defense counsel Jose Baez. In a telephone conversation with me this evening Mr. Baez would only describe the location of the probation office as being "somewhere in the State of Florida;" the exact location will be kept secret to "everyone but her specific parole officer," according to Mr. Baez.

"She reported. She told the officer she understands the conditions of her probation" on the check kiting cases. "And she was told the date for her next appearance."

By the conditions of her probation, Miss Anthony may not drink to excess. She may not break any laws. She must report periodically at a time determined by law and the officer. And she may not leave the jurisdiction without specific written permission.

She has been granted a waiver on the employment front: due to security concerns she will not have to obtain employment. Rather she must attend school, "but it will be online," said Baez, would added she will not attend a physical educational institution, again, for fear someone might attempt to harm the deeply unpopular, now 25-year old mother of slain toddler Caylee Marie Anthony, who was almost three when she died either by accident or foul play on June 16, 2008.

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