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by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 15, 2011

It is deeply unsettling how so many are lumping the lawyer with the bad news. "The jury made the right call, period. Anyone who took the time to review the evidence would have made the same decision,"

Jose Baez told me Wednesday night. Enduring the severe backlash cascading from the shocking Casey Anthony acquittal, the 42-year old New York-born Puerto Rican attorney is in the midst of the second toughest fight of his life.

It's a shame that a person can be acquitted of a crime and be shunned by society that's not the purpose of the criminal justic system that's not the purpose of the Constitution."

But how they're reacting to your client is one thing how they're reacting to you is anotherm

"Put aside how they're reacting to me, how they're reacting to the jury is another. It's a threat to our entire system of justice and freedom. At great personal sacrifice, they were the ones who made a sound legal decision based on all of the reliable relevant evidence."

It's outrageous. Why would anyone want to serve on a jury."

"It's false," says attorney Jose Baez as we watched a tv report alleging Casey Anthony will be,

A) changing her hair color,

B) even her general appearance, or more drastically, having,plastic surgery.

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