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Not Guilty

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 08, 2011

Acquitted child killer Casey Anthony will be a free woman next week, according to court officials; free to hopefully disappear until the sharpest public animosity has eased.

Right now, the crowd outside the Orange County Florida Courthouse is in a foul mood. Not only are they filled with anger at Casey, but also at anyone connected to her dramatically successful defense.

They are also mad at me for being the bearer of bad news.

Many of the protesters are angry that I suggested Casey was a "good mother" on O'Reilly's show on Tuesday soon after her devastating, breath-taking, totally unexpected acquittal on all child murder charges.

Hailing from as far away as Alaska, they have descended on this central Florida city. Many are holding home-made posters; some bearing the awful image presented in court of the toddler's remains complete with duct tape across her nose and mouth.

And they are uninterested in the fact that until the child's death, Casey was an attentive, caring, loving mother according to every single witness who testified for either the prosecution or the defense.

"She killed her child Geraldo, she is not a good mother," said my own wife Erica last night when I tried to explain my vastly unpopular, but accurate reporting, which stressed that the State's case against 'tot mom' was long on character attacks and slim on evidence of murder; a conclusion the jury agreed with.

The way I see it, Casey's apparent involvement in her child Caylee's death would be easier to stomach if she had been a child abuser. How could she go from the laughing, hugging, nurturing mom seen in those now notorious home videos, to heartlessly cruel, malignantly selfish, wicked woman capable of savagely suffocating her beautiful  baby?

At least she did not walk free today. If she had that angry crowd would have informed her that they do not share the jury's opinion.

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