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Last Day Of Fox Network Show

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 26, 2007

So today is our last day on the station you're currently watching. After a couple of weeks off, on February 10th the show is moving back to the Fox News Channel where it was the highest rated, weekend news show on cable. And while we'll be live and doing the same solid reporting, with much of the same team, I can't say I'm not saddened by the change.

As they say in 'Dreamgirls', we are a family. I've been like the crazy Dad and head cheerleader. Our executive in charge Nancy Duffy has been the strong, but loving mom. Some of our professional kids are moving on to other shows. And parting is such sweet sorrow.

We started this journey, which has taken us to every state, but Alaska, and thirteen foreign countries, on Halloween Night 2005 with just a few weeks notice.  325 shows later, we've been 'At Large' in cities and towns near you and around the world.

And I'd like to give a shout out to some of our great stations, like Philly's Channel 29, which helped so much with reports ranging from 'Don't Snitch' to 'Horsehead's' death threat to ex-con Joe Mamana's flamboyant charity to the Camden probe when that was still the nation's most dangerous city.

Washington's Channel 5 was also solid as a rock backing us consistently, most recently with our profile of DC's terrific new Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Fox 2 in both Detroit, and St. Louis where baseball ruled and all eyes turned to the Missouri Miracle. Kansas City's Channel 4 on the Rouse case and others; Dallas' Channel 4 on stories ranging from the hero cop who helped the poor to the bitter aftermath of Hurricane Rita. And Fox 26 in Houston, where we nailed the owner of the burning bus.

Tampa's Channel 13 became our home away from home for a bunch of solid stories including the kid who went to jail for stealing a six-pack. We also loved Tampa because my mom lives in the neighborhood. And Orlando's Fox 35 for Disney World and Miami's Channel 7 where I could visit my son Cruz in college.

In summer's, home was Boston's Fox 25, where we brought the old boat to Marion Mass where my big girls live.

Fox Chicago's deep newsroom was great help with the melancholy story of the illegal immigrant mom still besieged and facing separation from her citizen son.

Fox 9 in Minneapolis was also a gracious host when we interviewed the mayor there and fell down learning to cross country ski.  And Fox 5 in Atlanta, which boasts perhaps the best local news team in the country and helped us achieve rock solid ratings, as did Birmingham's Fox 6, which loved the Holloway reporting and powerhouse stations like Memphis' Fox 13, and Milwaukee's Fox 6.

The beacon of the west, Los Angeles' Fox 11 hosted us on a regular basis, our home for exclusives like Craig's gang banging story and the kid who witnessed the Cruise Ship's last dance.

In Cleveland, where my in-laws live, the team from Fox 8 was terrific on important stories like the caged kids. And I could never say enough about the wonderful team at our flagship station Fox 5 in the Big Apple, which allowed us to demand justice for Anthony, the disabled kid allegedly abused by his boss, for poor Nixmary Brown and for Imette St. Guillen, who death is resulting in necessary changes in New York's nightclub industry.

And while my team is charged about moving back to the Fox News Channel, by far the number one cable news network, I'll miss the broadcast stations like the one you're watching that have helped us achieve so much. So that's it for now, until Saturday, February 10th at 8pm, thank you very much for watching.

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