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Iran Holocaust Deniers

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 13, 2006

What if a country run by a nut job got its hands on nuclear weapons? That's the scenario sending chills through world capitals when they think of Iran. And perhaps never has its nuttiness been more obvious than its so-called Conference to Debate the Nazi Extermination of Six Million Jews.

Americans will be proud to know that we were represented by former Ku Klux Klanner David Duke, the smarmy racist who's charge that the Nazi gas chambers never really existed would just make you gag if it wasn't so insulting to the almost six million who died. His main point, "The Zionists have used the holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and cover up the crimes of Israel."

And then there was Robert Faurisson, a French professor and one of the conference organizer's, "You have to provide us with proof and testimonies. Otherwise, it (Holocaust) is no more than a belief."

How much more proof does this so called professor -- who has been convicted five times for denying crimes against humanity want?  Every reputable scholar with at least half a brain has stated conclusively that more than half of Europe's Jews died in the first mass murder of the mechanized age.

Raul Hilberg is a Holocaust historian and researcher from University of Vermont, "This is not a figment of the imagination. This comes from the Germans themselves, and therefore, any denial of these figures is absolutely senseless."

Instead of the undeniable documentary evidence, the Iran conference showed pictures of imprisoned and condemned Jews with smiley faces and claimed absurdly that those who died were the victims of a typhoid epidemic.

Iran's erratic flake of a president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has often claimed the Holocaust was a myth to justify the creation of Israel -- a nation he refuses to recognize and has sworn to destroy.

And his anti-Holocaust Conference comes hard on the heels of last summer's big attraction, a contest for the best anti Semitic cartoon.

Just imagine this erratic man with his finger on a nuclear trigger?

As Iran continues making mischief in places like Iraq, where it bankrolls the Shiite death squads, and Lebanon, where its clients in Hezbollah are doing their best to dismantle that fragile democracy, about the only good news was a little noted anti-Ahmadinejad demonstration by college kids in Tehran.

Chanting, "death to the dictator," they disrupted one of his crazy speeches, set off firecrackers and burned pictures of their strange little president. The students were protesting his repressive policies and repeated crackdowns on personal freedom.

So this is the man the Iraq Study Commission wants President Bush to talk with to help us find a way out of Iraq.

Maybe we should just speak with his new best friend David Duke.

If Iran gets the bomb they're working so hard to acquire, be afraid be very afraid. Ahmadinejad 'd probably convince himself that a little nuke here or there really wouldn't be so dangerous.

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