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Celebrity Weddings & Divorce

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 29, 2006

Even if it goes smoothly, divorce is one of life's most melancholy events. Those of us who have been through it know how sad the process can be. In some ways, it's like a death in the family; there's the admission of failure, the conflict and tension over money and property, the heartbreak and emotion of comforting the children and reassuring them that they're still loved.

But given all that, why don't we feel bad for Pam and Kid?

Let's face it some celebrity weddings are just silly. And from the moment this unlikely pair first tied the knot on board a rented yacht in St. Tropez, before an adoring crowd that suspended disbelief, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock (aka Robert Ritchie) have seemed like two aging stoners trying hard never to grow up. She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny, weenie bikini to the shipboard ceremony, the groom, his trademark wife-beater tee shirt.

Although they also got hitched in Beverly Hills, Nashville and Kid's hometown of Detroit, what is more surprising than the fact that their, 'until death do us part' lasted just four months, is that her first marriage to Tommy Lee, the other hard partying, middle-aged rocker lasted as long as it did and produced two apparently happy and healthy sons, Brandon 10 and Dylan who's 8.

But that was always been part of Pam's strange appeal. As intentionally slutty as the balloon breasted diva appears, she has the reputation of being a responsible soccer mom, at least by Malibu standards.

And as burlesque as Pam's union to Kid may have been, it's really not as tacky as, say, Britney and that kid from her high school. That Vegas extravaganza didn't even last until sunrise. Jennifer Lopez had a couple of boy toys, Renee Zellweger, a brief fling with a country star, and who can forget Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman.

And objectively speaking, Pam and Kid are like pillars of the community when compared to Liz Minelli and the weird little man she married in a Plaza Hotel extravaganza attended by 1,500 celebrities drawn from a Who's Who of American popular culture, who attended despite the widespread conviction that the beloved entertainer was marrying a gay guy for the second time in her life.

And if we're going to start criticizing these epic marital events, then here's some from the Hall of Fame. Zsa Zsa Gabor married nine times. Her husbands included a diplomat, Paris Hilton's great-grandfather, an actor, an oilman, an inventor, a divorce lawyer, a playboy and a prince, to whom she is still married after twenty years.

Liz Taylor's eight marriages included Paris Hilton's great uncle, an actor, a producer, a crooner, another actor, Richard Burton who she married twice, a senator and a certified loser, bodybuilder Larry Fortensky.

Liz is single now. Perhaps Pam should try it for a while. In any case, we wish her well.

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