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Justice & The Race Card

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 17, 2006

On Cape Cod yesterday, a garbage man was convicted of the rape and murder of a fashion writer stabbed to death in her home. The grievous crime was aggravated by the fact the woman's two-year old daughter was left alone for 36 hours. And when a concerned ex-boyfriend found her, the hungry child was trying to breast feed from her mother's dead body.

The victim, 46-year old Crista Worthington was white. The perpetrator, 34-year old Christopher McCowen is black.  Arrested only after his DNA was found in the victim's body, he admitted beating her, but claimed the sex was consensual...and that another man actually stabbed her.

His supporters say race played a major role in his conviction because jurors didn't believe a black, uneducated garbage man could have consensual sex with a white, sophisticated fashion writer. "The black man didn't get justice..." was one friend's reaction to the verdict.

The sharp racial divide in the Worthington case is a tiny reflection of what happened in OJ Simpson's...most whites shocked and horrified by his acquittal...most blacks overjoyed.  That's one of the many reasons why I'm so angry at Simpson's pretend television confession. He aggravated and exploited the nation's racial divide in the wake of the Rodney King police beating acquittal. Now, he's admitting that he played the black community for fools. And he's laughing all the way to the bank.

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