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Monday, September 22nd 2014

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 22, 2014

Back from LA visiting handsome, brand new grandson Desi. Got to NYC in time for aftermath traffic from massive 300,000 protest vs. climate change, very impressive turnout. Skeptics point out that the crowd created pollution and piles of trash, still this is shaping up as the issue of the decade. Even 9-year old Sol is concerned. Then we turned up Madison Ave. and got hit by cop-created traffic from UN bigwigs here for General Assembly. It's the downside to living in center of universe. Crazy isn't it about all the security breaches at the White House. Dude sprinted across the lawn, ran up the steps and the front door was unlocked! Where were the Secret Service dogs? If we can't protect the president's family residence kind of scary about other USA public spaces. Last day of summer. Bittersweet, but nice while it lasted. Have a great Autumn.

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