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Paris Fights Back

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 16, 2015
Watching the president from Turkey today, I could not help but think that this smart sincere man is making a fundamental mistake when it comes to ISIS. They are not like the other terror groups. They are a de facto nation/state. They hold territory with infrastructure, banks, schools, oil fields etc. Like Nazi Germany, their leaders have burrowed deep into the sands of Syria and Iraq to protect themselves against our uneven aerial bombardment. From their hardened hiding places they are launching these deadly attacks against civilization. We need our Armed Forces in conjunction with France and our allies to take them out of their holes and kill or capture them. In this fight the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Russia is the enemy of ISIS, which just took down a Russian airliner filled with innocent civilians. ISIS is sowing discord and committing acts of terror in Russia. We are on the same side as Putin in this fight. We must defeat ISIS to stem the deluge of refugees. We must destroy ISIS to prevent future attacks like those that on Friday night claimed 129 lives, inflicted over 400 injuries, blew a hole in the psyche of the French people, and inflicted terror in tens of thousands of families like my own. The Atlantic Ocean will not protect us from these fanatics. Only our GI's can do that. Mr. President declare war on ISIS. They have already declared war on us.
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