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Hot Time in Paris

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 29, 2015
Different folks have different ideas about what’s responsible but there’s no doubt about one unavoidable fact, 2015 is going to be the hottest year this planet has experienced since we started keeping track about 165 years ago. The obvious fear is that as Earth keeps getting hotter, we’re going to suffer more extreme weather like droughts, floods and water and food shortages. Places as far apart as the Maldives and Miami are said to be threatened. The folks attending the huge Climate Change conference here in Paris, including ‪#‎POTUS‬ believe that humans activity is one big reason for the increasing temperature, mostly coming from Carbon Emissions from smoke stacks and vehicle tail pipes…and they point to the two biggest carbon polluters on the planet, China and the United States. Whether you believe that’s what’s going on or believe the world is just going through another historic cycle of relative hot and cold on its own, as climate change skeptics believe, the extraordinary world conference going on here in Paris in the midst of extremely tight security that has been made even more extraordinary following the vicious terror attacks in the city just over two weeks ago, the goal of this conference is to forge an agreement to keep the rising temperatures within a range of about 2 degrees C, which is about 3 1/2 degrees F. To do that requires clean energy and lots of other expensive adjustments and reforms. And to bring this climate thing together with the more urgent short-term refugee crisis, the proponents of Climate Change like Britain’s Prince Charles and Thomas Friedman of the New York Times blame the hotting up of the planet. They and many others say that the global heat wave has destroyed many of the farms in troubled places like Syria and the rest of the Middle East making them even more uninhabitable and unstable. I’ll be reporting on the progress of the conference during this week from Paris and elsewhere this week beginning on ‪#‎FoxFriends‬ this morning at 7AM ET. Unfortunately, my longtime ‪#‎WABCradio‬ audience will not be able to hear my reports since the new management has locked me out of my show. My conflict will be easily resolved via the courts. Resolving Climate Change will be a more difficult.
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