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The Paris attacks changed everything

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 02, 2015
As I write this from Paris, in London the Parliament is debating a dramatic escalation of the War against ISIS, as Britain votes to begin bombing the terrorists in Syria as well as Iraq. In that expected approval of bombing, Britain joins France and Germany in declaring war on the savages who wrought such bloody havoc here in the City of Light on Friday the 13th, killing 139 innocent civilians and injuring hundreds more. For Germany, the declaration is especially dramatic given the generally non-military stance taken by the German Republic for the last 70 years. Now, Germany is sending more than 1,000 troops and an armed frigate to support the French aircraft carrier already on station to escalate the fight against ISIS. Similarly, our Defense Secretary Ash Carter just announced that the United States has created a special force of warriors to carry out raids and rescues in the territory controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq from which they have launched their monstrous attacks. President Obama did not want this war and rather than Destroying ISIS his strategy up until now seems to have been Annoying ISIS. Those days are over. The Paris attacks changed everything.
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