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Geraldo Rivera in Celebrity Apprentice Episode 1, 2015

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Ep 2

First Try At Reality TV

Having never done a reality show, but having watched ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ I should have known how treacherous, deceitful, back-stabbing and fun this season would be. And how tough a boss Donald Trump is. The first task was to sell pies via a company called Pie Face. It was clear from the beginning though that while baking a tasty product was as important as attracting a big crowd, the real task was selling the pies for huge money for charity. It was all about the bottom line. This is, after all Trump’s show about ambitious entrepreneurs fighting for success in a topsy turvy, sometimes cut-throat world. That was my primary responsibility, making money. Let the kids do the cooking while I dialed for dollars for my wonderful charity Life’s WORC, which helps the developmentally disabled have productive, fulfilling lives. So I put the squeeze on colleagues including Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and billionaires like Stewart Rahr and John Catsimatides and was honored when they came through with major money. For some weird reason my opposing Project Manager Keisha Knight Pulliam didn’t get the fact that fund-raising was central and was chastised for the lapse by the boss.

On my team Gilbert Gottfried was hilariously entertaining. Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen did not have the specific skill set to help, but was a stand-up team player and I appreciated him as well as our two charismatic athletes Johnny Damon and Terrell Owens a lot. Kevin Jonas not so much. He took the lead in alerting his followers on social media to the event, but while his groupies showed up in droves they did not bring in big money. I was selling two pies for $20,000 and as a result raised more money than anyone by a mile. Lorenzo Lamas didn’t raise enough for cab fare, but my family loved his father the great Argentine actor Fernando Lamas so I’m willing to cut Lorenzo some slack. And while the division of labor made sense to me, our team raising about twice as much as the ladies of Team Infinity did, Kevin and Sharknado's Ian Ziering later tried to undercut me with Mr. Trump, whining that I wasn’t sufficiently involved in baking the actual pies. As if that would have made a difference. I’ve got my eye on those bad boys now. They are up to no good and I will be ready to show them this old dog still bites.

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