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Fidel Castro, John Rich, Arsenio Hall....maybe it's easier to ask who Geraldo has not conducted an interview with? Here we enjoy a sampling of the many interviews and appearances Geraldo has had over the years.

  • Texas Anti-Sanctuary Laws

    by Geraldo Rivera | May 28, 2017

    Texas is about to enact the nation's toughest anti-sanctuary city law. in the nation It not only allows cops and sheriff's to question the immigration status of anyone, anywhere, at anytime, it also specifically makes it a crime for a local cop or sheriff to refuse to detain an undocumented immigrant who was otherwise eligible to go free....

  • Sailing Book

    by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 30, 2005

    Sailing came into my life relatively late, in my 20's. Coming literally from the wrong side of the tracks, a post-war, working-class development north of the L.I.R.R. tracks in West Babylon, the feeling growing up was that sailing was reserved for the privileged kids from towns like Babylon on the Island's South Shore. Like the tastes of champagne and caviar, I wondered what sailing would be like, envious of the dashing preppies with sun-tanned g...

  • Wiretapping Allegations

    by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 04, 2017

    Woke up to a new blizzard of tweets from President Trump alleging his offices in New York were wiretapped by the Obama Administration. Don't know if that is true...

  • Time is right for immigra

    by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 28, 2017

    Hi sorry I've been away. In London at the moment, back tomorrow night to battle Bolling on O'Reilly Wednesday evening. I'm writing now because I just heard President Trump say the time is right for an immigration reform bill. ...

  • Trump, Russia, & General

    by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 15, 2017

    During the drip drip of Watergate, every time President Richard Nixon seemed about to survive drowning, a new tsunami struck. Every time President Bill Clinton seemed about to float out of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, another wave of bimbos hit. Now that...

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