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Good Night America 11

Don Imus, Hells Angels

September 12th, 1974

Imus in the morning, who can be obnoxious, using material in obvious bad taste but who is the most popular radio personality in NYC is interviewed by Geraldo about his new album and night club act. The Hells Angels are interviewed including their NY leader Sandy Alexander. They talk about their motorcycles and lifestyle. They have been described as violent, defiant, and fearful men. Melba Moore, an unknown back up singer six years ago, landed a small role in Hair and emerged as its first black female star. From there she went onto the lead in "Purlie", a Tony Award and a smash night club act, a summer TV show. She discusses her career with Geraldo and sings a couple of songs. Shopping bag ladies are impoverished homeless old women who roam like a nomadic tribe across the landscape of our cities. They inhabit our streets, wandering aimlessly by day and sleeping in parks and subways by night. Geraldo presents a film report on these women, tracing a day in the life of one in NYC.

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