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Good Night America 16

Birth Without Violence, IRS, South Africa

April 17th, 1975

Geraldo examines Dr. Leboyer's method of "Birth Without Violence." Elsa Searez Gittierrez and Elizabeth Pattne, two secret agents for the IRS, are interviewed. They tell us of some of the unscrupulous methods they used on "Operation Leprachaun" a federal plan to learn about the sex lives and drinking habits of 30 prominent Florida residents. We see excerpts of "Lenny Bruce without tears...a document ary of a friend," a film made by writer/producer Fred Baker who knew him. Lenny's daughter Kitty Bruce, now an actress is interviewed in the studio. "Sigwe Banzi is Dead," is a harsh breathtaking broadway play of a black man's struggle to survive in his native land of South Africa. We see a film clip of the play and interview its two players, John Ikani and Winston Ntshoud. Finally, Rubin "Hurrican e" Carter, a former middle weight boxer, jailed in 1966 for a murder he has spent 8 years denying, is visited by Geraldo in Trenton Sta te Prison.

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