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Good Night America 17

Patty Hearst and the FBI

May 22nd, 1975

In the studio are Jack and Mickin Scott, sportswriters, suspected by the FBI of harbouring Patty Hearst in a rented farmhouse, who went underground for five weeks rather than cooperate with the FBI. Joining them is attorney Geraldo Lefcourt. In a film segment, Bill Wa lton, the UCLA controversial basketball player, talks of having also been hassled by the FBI on the whereabouts of Patty Hearst. We see a filmed debate between activist attorney William Kuntsler and writer Jeffrey St. John over the appropriateness of the FBI.

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Geraldo stands in front of a building at the Willowbrook facilities in New York Geraldo Rivera about to supervise blasting of a wall at Al Capone's vault Geraldo reporting for the Fox News Channel from Iraq during American invasion
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