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Good Night America 18

Willowbrook, Jay J Armes

June 5th, 1975

In the studio interview of Jay J. Armes, who despite the loss of both arms in a childhood accident when he was 12, has built an empire. Armes is a private investigator hired by many of the rich and famous to handle their cases. Marlon Brando hired him to track down his missing son. A film clip of "Willowbrook, The Last Great Disgrace" is shown and discussed, along with a film clip of a charity concert for the organization One-To-One given by John Lennon in Central Park. Two more of these concerts were given to raise money, in which Judy Collins, John Denver, Bill Withers, Rita Coolidge Kris Kristofferson and Sly Stone participated. Geraldo then talks to Bernard Carabello, a young man who had spent 18 years of his life in Willowbrook and is now living on his own.

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