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Good Night America 19

COYOTE, Hookers Convention, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

June 19th, 1975

Geraldo reports on the 2d annual hookers convention in San Francisco and speaks about some of the issues with women who attended. Marg ot St. James, ex-hooker and founder of COYOTE, a hooker's lobby is in the studio to talk about decriminalization of prostitution. Jane Fonda, an honored guest at the convention is also interviewed. Ellen Burstyn, winner of this years Tony and Oscar awards for best actress is in the studio to talk about her rise to stardom. A clip from her Oscar winning film Alice doesn't Live Here Anymore is shown. Henry Gibson and Ronee Blakely will be in the studio for the last segment to discuss Robert Altman's film, Nashville, in which they both have feature roles.

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