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Good Night America 22

World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali

August 14th, 1975

Guests included World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, with a visit to his mountain training camp in Pennsylvania. Geraldo also spea ks with Don King, once a penniless ex-con who served time for manslaughter who is now a fight promoter presently promoting the fight be tween Frazier and Ali. Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band is interviewed about the band's roots, and present direction. He spea ks about his recent marriage to Cher Bono and the effect the deaths of two of the members of his band had on the group. Sally Quinn jo ins Geraldo for a discussion of her book "We're Going to Make You A Star" which details her brief encounter with CBS Morning a job for which she received no training but huge amounts were spent on pre-publicity.

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Geraldo stands in front of a building at the Willowbrook facilities in New York Geraldo Rivera about to supervise blasting of a wall at Al Capone's vault Geraldo reporting for the Fox News Channel from Iraq during American invasion
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