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Good Night America 24

Tribute To Frank Sinatra

March 8th, 1976

A tribute to Frank Sinatra, a behind the scenes look at his Friar's Club testimonial and interviews with some of his friends. Frank Si natra is one of the most generous people in public life but has had a bad press over his 40 year career. Geraldo interviews Don Rickle s, Cary Grant, Jerry Weintraub and Sinatra himself at a pre-dinner party. Mary Hartman is a sort of an adult soap opera, a sort of R r ated spoof on soap operas. None of the networks would touch it for topics explored included impotence, VD, and adultery. Producer Nor man Lear managed to line up his own network of more than 70 independent stations across the country and the show is now one of the hott est on TV. Louise Lasser, the star of the show was interviewed by Geraldo in her home. Rape, a deviant, dehumanizing act committed by a deranged person, with total disregard for the health or safety of his victim. A clinic in Minnesota does some kind of work with rap e victims. Geraldo makes a commentary on the case after the interview. Finally, a film report is shown of this years carnival in Rio with a unique view of Brazilian's voodoo worship.

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Geraldo stands in front of a building at the Willowbrook facilities in New York Geraldo Rivera about to supervise blasting of a wall at Al Capone's vault Geraldo reporting for the Fox News Channel from Iraq during American invasion
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