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This episode of Now It Can Be Told starts with a pressing issue: The fate of western hostages currently being held in Lebanon. Geraldo starts with with Benjamin Netanyahu, then Foreign Minister of Israel, in an in-depth interview regarding hostages held by both sides and the situation in the middle east at current. The segment also includes footage of Sheik Abdullah's barracks, where the hostages are expected to be held. Neil Livingstone, Terrorism Expert, is brought on the show to shed light on the case. Next segment focuses on Jeffrey Dahmer, or the 'Milwaukee Cannibal'. Neighbours testified to hearing powersaws and odd noises over the 13 years it took Jeffrey to kill, rape and eat 17 men and boys. Craig Rivera investigates, including an interview with Tracy Edwards, the victim who finally escaped Dahmer's prison and brought this case to the authorities. Finally, the NOW team ends the show with an interview with Bebe Goddard, Marilyn Monroe's stepsister, as she sheds light on new photographs surfacing and a letter written by Marilyn to her sister. Bebe reads select portions alound for the audience.

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