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Fox News Channel

Geraldo has hosted weekly programs & appeared on a variety of Fox News Channel shows since 2001.

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Geraldo Rivera Fox News Channel

Good Night America


‌ Good Night America was hosted by Geraldo Rivera from 1974 through 1977. The show gained notoriety for its excellent, and sometimes dangerous investigations. Hugh Hefner (Good Night America 4), Roy Scheider from Jaws (Good Night America 20), daredevil Evel Knievel (Good Night America 7) were just some of the interviews that had millions of americans tuning in. Bringing outlaw biker gang Hells Angels members on-set....

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Geraldo Rivera's Good Night America

The Geraldo Show

1987 - 1998
‌The original pioneering, immensely popular & groundbreaking daytime talk show series.

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‌When Dr. Wilkins slid back the heavy metal door of B Ward, building No 6, the horrible smell of the place staggered me. It was so wretched that my first thought was that the air was poisonous and would kill me. I looked down to steady myself and I saw a freak: a grotesque caricature of a person, lying under the sink on an incredibly filthy floor in an incredibly filthy bathroom....

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Willowbrook State School



‌A variety of specials from Geraldo's decades on public television.  Enjoy some of the most watched programming in history!

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Geraldo celebrating 40 years