He made history with his expose on the institutions for the developmentally disabled, improving the lives of millions.

He fought the skinheads, the neo-nazis, and the hate mongers with his brains and his fists.

He ran with the bulls, swam with the whales, and covered virtually every war on the face of the earth for the last half century.

He had the most talked about show on television for more than a decade.

He scored the highest ratings in history, opening Al Capone's Vault.

He won seven local and three national Emmys, won the prestigious Peabody and three RFK awards.

He's been part of the fabric of American life for five and a half decades, interviewing everyone from John Lennon to Donald Trump,

Jerry Garcia to Mick Jagger, Charles Manson to Fidel Castro, and Yasser Arafat to Ronald Reagan.

Geraldo is America's favorite correspondent, and this is his home page.

Original investigative journalism that informs & inspires.

Geraldo Rivera memoir The Geraldo Show

The memoir that tells the story.

The reporting that tunes in America.

Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Channel the Five

5pm EST

Good Night America set with Geraldo Rivera

Good Night America

A groundbreaking series in both topic and style, Good Night America aired from 1973-1979.

Geraldo Rivera WABC Eyewitness News

Starting out

Beginning his career at WABC Eyewitness news in 1970 with a series of reports on illicit drugs, Geraldo's pioneering style informed & delivered.

Geraldo with microphone 1970s


Fox & Friends Geraldo President Biden

September 2nd, 2022

Is the administration of President Biden colluding with Big Tech companies to censor the media?

Geraldo is opening his vast library of tapes for your entertainment and edification.  He reserves all legal rights to this material, and it is not for rebroadcast

without his prior written approval but enjoy the ride.

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