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  • The Cruelest Cut

    Losing a task on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ is certainly bad enough. To have your ideas summarily rejected by the project sponsors and by the Trump family judges in front of millions of viewers is embarrassing. But that pales in comparison to what just happened to me on this week’s edition of the hit NBC show.
    My entire macho man strutting self-image has been irreparably dented.
    The task had to do with dancing and nostalgia.
    The specific task was to produce a viral video promoting a new single-serve offering from Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee. The company is one that has been part of Rivera family lore since at least the 1950’s. My parents, Cruz and Lilly met in a cafeteria on the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. Their romance blossomed with the company’s iconic theme song playing in the background.
    Everybody follow the bouncing ball and sing along.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers makes an appearance on this current episode of Celebrity Apprentice, and we dug up some of this footage in tribute. Check out the Joan Rivers Page for the whole show.

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