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  • To Everything There Is A Season

    The Jews of Palestine was dancing in the streets of Jerusalem 67 years ago today as the future Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the birth of a new sovereign nation, “a Jewish state in Eretz Israel to be known as the State of Israel.” And so the Jewish homeland became a nation born on May 14, 1948.
    It was only three years after the end of the barbaric attempt to eradicate the Jewish race in Europe, the Holocaust, during which the Nazi’s killed millions. And there is no doubt that sympathy for the stricken Jews played a large role in the decision by the United Nations General Assembly to partition the former British mandate of Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish nations.
    We all know that the ink was barely dry on Ben-Gurion’s declaration of independence before all the surrounding Arab nations invaded the new nation in the first of several failed attempts to wipe Israel off the face of the map of the Middle East....