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With access to high-level movers and shakers in politics and government, and deep experience covering the real worlds of war, crime and terrorism, Geraldo Rivera reports from countless locations around the nation and the world, a twice weekly, half hour program...More

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Geraldo On Hannity, 2017 Geraldo on The O'Reilly Factor, 2017

With another terrorist attack in Paris, Donald Trump's approach to immigration seems prudent. Geraldo urges to not punish the wrong people--who will fund the wall?Video

Conspiracy theories abound from the alt-left regarding U.S. airstrikes on a Syrian airbase. Why can't they accept the facts? Video

Marijuana legalization: sign of the times or another challenge for our young folks? Geraldo & Dana Perino discuss. Video

Trump, Russia & Flynn

Calhoun University

POTUS Inner Circle

General Michael Flynn Calhoun College, 2011 Trump thumbs up

During the drip drip of Watergate, every time President Richard Nixon seemed about to survive drowning, a new tsunami struck..Read More

Geraldo announces his resignation from a largely honorary position at Calhoun College. Are they changing the name purely for contemporary sensitivities?Read More

Disappointed that President Donald Trump has not yet seen fit to name a Cabinet-level or even high-ranking Latino to his inner circle. The nation's largest minority group..Read More

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