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  • Battle Plan To Defeat ISIS

    1- Bring back General David Petraeus, architect of the Iraq Surge. He knows Mosul like the back of his hand and he knows…
    2- The Sunni Tribes, which must again be financially and politically seduced, as they were by Petraeus the last time around during the Surge.
    3- ISIS-Occupied Mosul must be cut off by a vastly extended air campaign that makes Mosul inaccessible to ISIS reinforcement. No military traffic however slight can be permitted night or day. Oil pipelines should be blown. Oil trucks should be included on the target lists.
    4- The Kurds must be lavishly equipped with Western armaments and a plethora of US Special Operators and advisors.
    5- The Shiite-dominated Iraqi militias and Iraqi Army divisions must be instructed that any and all violations of Sunni civilian rights will be punished. They should also be essentially led by US operatives.
    6- Saudi Arabia and Jordan must field an expeditionary Sunni ground force, perhaps a brigade that is assign...

January 2005

Geraldo Shakes Hands With Brian Williams

Followed by an interview with General George Casey
Geraldo recalls Brian Williams
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