Celebrating the Army's Birthday on June 13th

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The 239th Birthday of the Army

"Two hundred thirty-nine years ago, our nation's leaders established the Continental Army. As the strategic landpower of the joint force, the Army is called upon to Prevent, Shape, and Win against our adversaries. We celebrate 239 Years of Our Profession. As the Army continues to demonstrate its competence, its commitment, and its character in defense of our nation. Our Soldiers possess a lifelong commitment to our values. America's Army professionals conduct themselves consistently with the Army ethic; worthy of our profession."


  • by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 15, 2014

    Michael Brown and Tr..

    It is outrageous that we only found out now, nearly a week after the fact, that 18-year old Michael Brown, the kid tragically killed on the streets of Ferguson Missouri, met the description of a suspect in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store obtained from a 911 call received at 11:51am on Saturday August 9. Ten minutes later, at 12:01pm, and just a ¼ mile away, Brown and his alleged accomplice are spotted and confronted by Ferguson polic...


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